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ALM’s Global Newsroom provides specialized coverage of industry events and special reports throughout the year. Use our fully-searchable editorial calendar below for the most up-to-date issues, and submission deadlines across our entire suite of legal publications.

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Publication DateContent TitlePublicationDescriptionSpace Close Materials DueAudiencePractice AreasPOD OptionDistribution
12/1/182019 Directory of Corporate CounselTexas LawyerAnnual directory of Texas corporate counsel.10/15/1810/22/18Company, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Law Firm Client Relationships, Law Firm Marketing and Business Development, Outside Counsel Retention and Managementprint
12/1/18TL Report: Year in ReviewTexas LawyerTexas Lawyer looks at a year of legal developments and the people who shaped them.10/15/1810/22/18Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLitigatorsboth
12/1/18In-House Texas: Special Report on Corporate ComplianceTexas LawyerCurrent developments in Corporate Compliance for the in-house community.10/15/1810/22/18CompanyBusiness Entities, General Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Information Governance and Complianceboth
12/1/18Corporate Restructuring & BankruptcyCorporate CounselFocus on restructuring and bankruptcy for in-house counsel.10/22/1810/29/18CompanyBankruptcy, Business Entities, Deals and Transactions, General Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
11/13/18Personal InjuryThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Personal Injury from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.10/26/1810/26/18Agriculture and Mining, Automotive, InsurancePersonal Property, Products Liabilityboth
11/19/18Best OfDaily Business ReviewAnnouncing the winners of the "Best Of" survey produced by the advertising department.10/29/1811/9/18Company, Law Firmboth
12/1/18Cybersecurity and Privacy TrendsLegaltech NewsCurrent trends in cybersecurity for law, look ahead to biggest trends of 201910/29/1811/1/18Computers/Information Technology, Company, Law Firmboth
11/13/18LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/1/1811/5/18Law FirmLitigatorsboth
12/3/18Daily Business Review's Verdicts & SettlementsDaily Business ReviewDaily Business Review's Verdicts & Settlements11/2/1811/9/18Law Firmboth
11/20/18PaLaw2017The Legal IntelligencerData, charts, articles on the year in law.11/2/1811/2/18Company, Government, Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Profitability, Law Firm Rates and Billing Practices, Midsize Firms (50 - 150), Small Firms/Solos (1 - 49)both
12/1/18State of LitigationThe American LawyerLitigation trends in Big Law, top litigators and matters of the year.11/5/1811/8/18Company, Law FirmLitigatorsboth
11/15/18Law Firm Leaders OutlookDaily Business ReviewFocus on law firm decision makers11/8/1811/12/18Law FirmLaw Firm Managementboth
11/26/18New Jersey Law Journal's Verdicts & SettlementsNew Jersey Law JournalNew Jersey Law Journal's Verdicts & Settlements11/8/1811/15/18Law Firmboth
11/19/18NJ LawNew Jersey Law JournalA collection of data regarding the legal profession in New Jersey, gathered and analyzed over the last year.11/9/1811/12/18Company, Law Firm, Law School/Universityboth
11/26/18Alternative Dispute ResoutionNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/13/1811/16/18Law FirmAlternative Dispute Resolutionboth
12/3/18CybersecurityNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles from legal technology experts on developments in the area of cybersecurity.11/23/1811/26/18Computers/Information Technology, Company, Law FirmCybersecurityboth
12/3/18In House Georgia (compliance and regulatory)Daily ReportLawyer-written articles and a GC Q&A, focused on compliance and regulatory issues.11/26/1811/28/18Government, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Government Agenciesboth
12/10/18White-Collar CrimeNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/29/1812/3/18Law FirmCriminal Law, White Collar Crimeboth
12/10/18Product Liability & Class ActionsNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles on current developments in these areas of law from expert practitioners.11/30/1812/3/18Company, Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitConsumer Protection, Products Liabilityboth
12/10/18Most Effective LawyersDaily Business ReviewProfiles of the most effective lawyers and lawyering in South Florida12/3/1812/5/18Law Firmboth
12/17/18LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.12/6/1812/10/18Law FirmLitigatorsboth

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